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 It's Her...

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PostSubject: It's Her...   Thu 11 Jun 2009, 12:04 pm

All my life i believed that i'm a straight female in every sense of the word. I dated a lot of men, got into few serious relationships and do my fair share of my girls life. I got myself a job on one of the city's multi-national company as a softwear engineer. Not a woman's usual type of job but i love my work. I love the fact that i can work side by side with men on their male dominated field. I'm good at it i should say. I could sometimes feel the sneers and hard stares the men gave me when I bested them on something. I'm used to it though.. I always knew when to soften their demeanor. That's how i play the game, that's how i play guys on my hand. It's always been like that, inspite of few serious guys who came my way, i always have this feeling that something's missing. It's incomplete. I've been wondering about that missing part of my life until the answer actually bump into me one bitter-sweet morning.

"Hey, Liz you looked like a mess today. Partying last night again?", my officemate Jess asked me. I groaned and groped my head.
"Geez i swear not to drink a single drop of alcohol from now on. It aches like hell...", i told her. She laughed sofly.
"Give me a break will yah? You told me that same words last monday morning after drinking yourself dead at Madz birthday."

I Gave her a hard stare and pouted. Jess has been my bestfriend since college. She's more of a sister to me than a friend and i love her dearly for that. My head aches again and i closed my eyes for a while. I was walking like a zombie when somebody actually bumped into me making me stagger a few steps back. I immediately opened my eyes and was about to lash out at the person when i actually caught my tounge. I was mezmerized for the very first time in my life.

"Are you some kind of an idiot or what? Walking like that on a Monday morning with your eyes closed.", the woman spat at me.

She's gorgeous. Angry but beautiful with her flaming cheeks and flashing black eyes. I swear that in those few seconds that i stared at them i was smitten. It's weird coz i've never felt this way with any guy before. I pushed the thought out of my mind and cleared my head.

"I'm sor--" i wasn't even finished when she cut in.

"Yeah right you're sorry! Next time try to be more human when you walked around public areas. You looked like hell!"

"Hey wait! Who do you think you are insulting me like that!"

---to be continued
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Fri 12 Jun 2009, 1:15 pm

kainis naman. bakit to be continued pa?

I realize that you will never give up on me, You hope in my goodness, Your trust in me is unwavering. You still believe in me. Yes, there is still a chance for me, great opportunities await me...
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Sat 13 Jun 2009, 12:38 pm


"Hey wait! Who do you think you are insulting me like that!",I snapped at her.

She glared back. Inspite of the anger that i saw on her face it's her eyes that still caught my attention. Such deep,dark beautiful eyes. It's like looking down on a deep well with no bottom. So sad yet so gentle. She's darn angry yes but her eyes spoke otherwise. There's no anger in them.


I snorted..

"Now who's acting so stupid here huh...i wouldn't have asked if i've known who the hell you are! You're not my boss or what to just shout at me on our own office lobby! What bussiness do you have here anyway huh?! You'll see, I'll report this to security and have you banned here!"

+laughed mockingly+

"What's so funny?!?"

She approached me and look at me straight in the eyes. She's just the same height as i was.

"God, such lovely face... i wanna touch it. See if it's as soft as it looks.." i told myself.

"You know what honey? You have a very sharp tounge. You don't know who i am? Well, well.. expect to see a lot of me from now on coz i'm doing bussiness here. No,no let me rephrased that.. THIS COMPANY IS MY BUSSINESS." She smiled wickedly and walked away.

Jess and I were left there. Jess was shocked, while me..well me, I'm a little puzzled. I'm still contemplating what happened when somebody, Jim an officemate too approached me. He tapped my shoulder.

"Looks like you got yourself into a really big trouble now Elizabeth." I looked at him questioningly. He continued when he saw that i didn't grasped what he meant.

"Guess you really don't know who that woman was don't yah? SHE'S ACTUALLY OUR BOSS. Allison Asuncion."

"Asuncion? As in Allison Asuncion?? You don't by any chance mean Marie Allison Asuncion? President Asuncion's daughter?," Jess asked shaken.

I was expecting that Jim would actually say yes and tell me it was just a big joke, but he shook his head and looked at me squarely. What he told next almost made me faint.

"You're lucky she didn't fired you yah know. Tsk Tsk..sad to say it is indeed Vise President Marie Allison Asuncion that you lashed out with..."


That was the most memorable day of my life after Allison entered it. Looking back I could still see the same black eyes that stared at me before she walked away. Funny, i've seen a lot of mesmerizing eyes before but nothing striked me the way i was striken by those dark orbs. Well, after that "famous incident" i was expecting to received a memo but none came. The whole day i was being talked about in our department and on others as well. Everybody i should say was expecting me to be kicked out of the company.

"Why hadn't i received any memo yet?," I asked myself again. "I do believe she's angry earlier. Why didn't she just fired me? Such disrespect! Stupid Liz..Really stupid!"

I was so busy pondering about what happened that I wasn't aware my department head approached my cubicle.

"Ehem...Liz?," he called out. I was taken aback.

"S-sir? Anything that you need sir?"

"You were being summoned by the Vise Pres. on her office."

I gulped.

"Y-you m-mean now, sir? On h-her office?" I stammered.

He sigh.

"I'm afraid yes Liz. Just say you're sorry about everything. I hate to lose a good engineer here but you must do your part. I've known Allison since she was a young girl. She'll forgive you if you apologize."

I took a deep breathe and smiled at him sadly, thinking that what i've done was unforgivable after all.

"Yes sir."


"Hey wait! Who do you think you are insulting me like that!"

Allison smiled after remembering what happened earlier. She don't know me. She shook her head and laughed softly.

"Someone who doesn't actually know me? Weird.. But that girl's something."

She swinged her swivel chair and looked outside her wide office window.

"It's been a long time since someone brought such excitement into my life. I hate to admit it but I do find that girl really interesting. Such a spit-fire. And she stared at me. She stared into my eyes. Did she saw something...?"

She was still wondering about it when her intercom flared on and her secretary spoke on the line.

"Ma'am, Miss Elizabeth Mariano's here to see you. Should i let her in?"

She smiled that wicked smile again.

"At last..."

"Send her in..."


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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Sat 13 Jun 2009, 2:15 pm

bitin nanaman..


build a bridge and get over it..
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Sun 14 Jun 2009, 2:02 pm

bitin na naman po, but i'll w8 till ur next post!!! im so excited for the continuation!!!

I realize that you will never give up on me, You hope in my goodness, Your trust in me is unwavering. You still believe in me. Yes, there is still a chance for me, great opportunities await me...
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Wed 17 Jun 2009, 6:27 am

Continuation galz..thanks for reading my post:)

"Send her in..."


Gezz i'm nervous as a chicken. What's wrong with me? I'm always confident about everything that i do. It's no big deal when i got myself into trouble. But then this is no ordinary trouble. Of all people why her? I sigh a deep sigh. Maybe i'll just have to get through this after all. It's not so bad to apologize. It's my fault anyway.

"Miss Liz you can go inside now.Miss Asuncion is waiting for you."

+deep sigh+

Knock knock knock

"Come in.."

I entered the room.

There she was looking so regal sitting on her throne behind her mahogany desk. The last hints of the setting sumn enhancing her features. The twinkling lights of the skycrapers danced around her. She's like an aparition there. Her smile looks so inviting and for a while i'm like a moth who's being drawn to it. Then there's her eyes. That same ebony orbs that spoke volumes of unfathomable mystery.

"So do you enjoy the view?"

I was awaken from that deep trance by her soft voice. Like music that lingers in my ears. A flush of red immediately covers my cheeks. I looked away.

"You asked for me, Ma'am?"

Soft laugh.

"Yes. I do believe you owe me an apology honey.."

My brow arched on their own achored when i heard her.

"So she's gonna shame me, huh?"

"I sincerely apologize for what happened earlier."

"Hmm...still angry? You don't sound so sincere."

My back stiffened. She's not making it so easy for me.

"I'm sorry."

"Not enough. I need something else. I've been good to you. you know. Letting you walked away just like that after that incident. I should have fired you."

She slowly stood up and walked across the floor towards me. I froze from my position.

"Would she slapped me?"

"You look scared. I'm not gonna hurt honey. There's something about you that excites me. It's been so long since someone stir some life out of me."

She was standing right infront of me now. I wanted so much to step back and run away but i just can't move. Her eyes held me captive. Then she touched my face. Soft gentle touch that caressed my skin. I fight the urge to lean my head on her palms.

"W-what are y-you doing? w-what d-do you want?" i asked weakly.

"I just want something. I wanna know how it feels to taste that soft lips of yours. I want to punish you."

My eyes widened, but before i could react, her lips quickly covered mine. it's warmth burned my senses. Blood rush form every part of my body. I felt her arms embraced me and pulled my body against her. I moaned. I tried to push her away but when my hands landed on her shoulders, it moved on its own. Encircling her neck and pulling her closer, deepening the kiss. I don't know what's happening,it's like i'm her captive. i can't explain the passion radiating out of that kiss. The way i grope her soft hair and the way she touched my back. It's all so perfect. Like we're meant to be in this moment forever. In those few minutes that we kissed and held each other, i knew i found the place where i belong.


"Liz? Liz!"

I was shaken from my reverie when i heard someone calling out my name.

"For Christ sake your daydreaming again!" Jess blurted out laughing.

I looked away and pretend to read some papers on my desk.

"give me a break! I'm not daydreaming Jess. I was just thinking about something."

"Really? You've been acting so weird lately. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. I'm perfectly fine," i told her and gave her a shiny smile.

"Oh comm'on! I know something's going on. What is it? You're acting like you're in love or something!"

"Jess! What are you talking about?! In love? You're so absurd. I don't even have a boyfriend."

"That's not excuse you know. Lately i observed that way you looked at our pretty young boss. Eversince you came out of her office, you've been different."

It's been a week since that unforgetable kissed.


The ringing of the phone braught us back to reality. As if on cue, i quickly push her away and took a few steps back. She smiled widely at me.

"Nice kissed. The best i've ever had." Then she turned and walked back to her desk to answer the phone.

I was left standing there. Like a total idiot. I felt her words sink on me. It was nothing to her. Just a kiss. Nothing more nothing else. What i felt during that short moment was not mutual. It hurts like hell. And for the first time since that morning i entertained the idea of slapping her hard. I looked at her one last time. Her back was on me as if she totaly forgot i'm there. I let myself out of her office.


Since that day i avoided her like the plague. in turn she didn't bothered me again. The days grew to week.

Everything came back to normal. But at night, that very kiss hunts my dreams. I hate it but admitted to myself i fell for her. I fell for my sexy, bitchy boss. So stupid.

"Well? You wanna go out tonight with us?" Jess asked me again.

"Alright. Count me in!" Maybe it's about time to divert my attention. I know it's senseless to keep this feelings. I need a date!

The night was young. The bar where we went was not yet crowded. Men and women came in groups. Jess invited Jim and Michael too. So all in all it's like a double date. Michael has been my suitor for God know's when. Very persistent at times but he's a good guy. We're having a good time chatting when Jim cut in.

"Well well look who's here guys." he told us and pointed on the entrance of the bar. I almost froze on my seat when i saw the subject of my every dream entered. Allison!

"Whoa handsome. I bet it's her boyfriend." Michael commented when he saw the dashing guy who's assisting her.

I was about to moved my eyes away, hurt and jealousy invading my senses, but it's too late. Across the half filled room our eyes met. I quickly moved mine away.

"Yeah nice boyfriend." i said.

I heard Jess laughed and i looked away. Silently questioning her why. But she just shook her haid. Then i felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I knew the touch, it felt familiar. Then followed by the voice that i longed to hear everyday.

"Enjoying your night guys?" Allison asked us. I simply shook free of her touch. Straightening my back and leaned forward towards the table.

"Yeah Ma'am. It's been one hell of a day." michael answered.

"Mind if we joined you?" she asked again. Not once did i bother to looked at her. Silently i'm praying that she would just walked away.

"Sure sure! The tables enough for us all Ma'am," Jess said.

"Comm'on call me Allison. We're out of office abyway. And by the way this is Charlie, a great friend of mine," she introduced the guy.

"Charlie, this are my employees. Jess, Michael, Jim and.. the one here who's acting so aloof, Liz."

My back stiffened. Taunting huh...


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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Sat 20 Jun 2009, 9:27 am


My back stiffened. Taunting huh...

I faked a smile then looked at her. Turning at her, it almost hurt to see her there. Smiling innocently but her eyes spoke otherwise.

"How can you act as if that kissed meant nothing to you?"

"Hi," I told her and nod at her companion.

For a moment i saw something crossed her eyes but i can't figure out it is.


They sat across the table, directly infront of me. There she was, looking so radiant sitting beside her man. And here i am, thinking so stupid about our kiss, longing for her. I mentally shook my head.

"Stop it Liz! She's not gay and so are you. She's just experimenting with you. If you don't stop this right now you'll get into real trouble!"

"So Ma'am..err i mean Allison are you and this lucky guy here really friends or a couple?" Jim asked earning him a poke on the ribs from Jess.

"Jim! Such question really!"

"It's alright, Allison and I were friends since college back in the states. She's always been special to me, and I do hope i'm to her too." Charlie answered for Allison.

It cuts like hell. God only a week and I'm acting like a lovesick teenager. But what Allison said hurts me the most.

"Of course you are. You know guys Charlie here has been my constant companion eversince. And at times, he plays like a brother or boyfriend for me. Sort of like a package deal." at the last word it was as if she intentionaly looked at me straight in the eye.

I vowed my head and looked down at my beer.

"Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!" my heart screams out.

"Wow! Long history together huh?" Michael butted in.

"Well what about you guys here, couples?" i heard Allison asked.

My heart is aching. I need some relief, i took my beer and took a big gulp.

Laughter. I heard Jess and Jim bantering with each other. Denying any relationship. Then there's Michael. Just like everytime we're together, he took this chance to confess his intentions. I don't seem to care at all. Who cares? The person that i wanted is right across from me and i can't even touch or look at her?

Somebody bump my toes. I immediately look up to their expectant face. I wasn't aware that someone's askin me something. Allison arch her brow at me questioningly before she spoke.

"Looks like Liz here's not with us."

I blushed. Charlie laughed.

"Whoa you actually blush!"

Laughter again.

"Liz here do blush easily you know." Jess said which added to my embarassment.

Laughter. Then Allison asked again.

"So do you like Michael here?"

I stared at her. If I could only glare at her i would have done so. All eyes were on me.

"Damn you! What do you expect me to say huh?"

I cleared my throat. And aswered without looking away.

"Mike and I were friends. He knows my stand regarding this. No need to elaborate it."

"Oh why is that so? I guess our Michael here is a nice guy and quite handsome too huh?" she added. Mike's smiling from ears to ears.


"As i've said I don't need to elaborate anything or to answer such question Ma'am."

"Com'on Allie give her a break."

Tension's building in the air. Mike's not smiling anymore. Jess cleared her throat.

"Why don't we make a toast?" she said.

All raised the'r glasses.

"Cheers to this night!"



I cry like a baby when I don't get my way
Do you want me?
I won't apologize when I make a mistake
Do you want me?
I got scars on my heart and they won't go away
Looking for someone to take them from me
Everybody knows I'm a little insane

Do you want me?

The music on the background lingers in me. Mocking me. It's the same music that played when my last boyfriend left me. It was perfect, just when i thought i'm ready to tie the knots and settle down, he walked out of my life.

"I'm sorry Liz. This is not easy. I've fallen in love with someone else. It's me Liz. You're great and smart. But there's always something missing. I don't know what it is until Cristina came. She's everything I'm looking for in my life. I'm so sorry Liz. Please forgive me."

I didn't even got the chance to tell him that day that I'm finally taking his proposal. ! year and a half. All for nothing.

"I'm not the right one for you. You're so much better. You need someone strong enough to handle you. Take care of you."

Yeah right. Stupid guy! He's always been a soft kindhearted man and he left me for a soft kindhearted and simple woman. After a month I received an invitation from Zick. They're getting married. I drove home drunk that night. And at the middle of the night, i cried. I cried bitterly. I weeped. It's been 2 years but since that last relationship, i've never been to any serious one. Maybe Zick was right after all, there's someone out there waiting for me. I found her. But she's not waiting for me. Irony of life. In the span of one week i fell in love with a total bitch! A woman. With a Charlie in her life and a company. Something that I can't give her. A kissed? What is it anyway? I've kissed dozen of men before, but then none of them stir my emotions. That kissed fulfilled me. Maybe i just have to be thankful that even for once i got to taste it.

Oh I try to be normal
I try to put one foot in front of the other
And I feel
You don't even know I'm alive
I open my mouth cause I'm waiting for your love to fall from the sky
And I feel
You think that I'm out of my mind
And maybe your scared to be right
But you'll never know till you get me alone
Do you want me?
I tell it to you straight so we can't get worse
Do you want me?
I want to show you me but first things first
Do you want me?
Looking for a saviour to save my soul
All the damage I have done has left a big hole
Everybody knows I just want someone to hold
Do you want me?

"Hey Liz you alright?" Jess asked me, breaking my reverie. I glanced around and saw Allison and Charlie dancing.

To Be Continued...

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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 10:12 am

its so much better to not know that this story is fictional..

--- :) is it?
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 11:40 am

"Hey Liz you alright?" Jess asked me, breaking my reverie. I glanced around and saw Allison and Charlie dancing.


Their looking at each other. Whispering. Laughing. I wonder what they're talking about. I took a deep sigh then looked at Jess. She's staring at me, reading my mind.

"You do like her don't you? Don't try to deny it Liz," she said softly.

I'm not surprised anymore to hear that from her. She's known it. Maybe longer than i am. I bowed my head and looked at my glass.

"It's idiotic huh? i guess i've been gay all my life and never knew it until Allison walked into my life. maybe Zick knew it that's why he left me. Even if he stayed, things wouldn't worked out well after all. All my life guys came and go into my life. i loved being the center of their attention, i loved the game. But then there's always missing. It's like there's a hole inside my heart and none of them can fill it in. Until she came. For the first time, i felt the beating of my heart. A week and here i am, head over heals in love with her. it's just so ironic. The difference of our lives and status. For one whole week i became a freaking lesbian because of her! and damn it, it hurts!" i felt a lone tear rolled from my eyes.

Jess grope my hand and squizzed it.

"She's been asking about you, you know. Whenever we crossed each other's path on the office. I saw her looked at you when you're busy. I don't really know, I don't wanna give you false hope, but then i could see sadness in her eyes everytime she glimpse at you."

"Why would she feel that way? It's not sadness, it's regret..or perhaps pity. it's just a kiss anyway."

"What?! You mean she kissed you? Or you kissed her?" she asked incredolously.

"Jess! Your voice! Of course it's not me who initiated it... I've never known I was abnormal until then..." i sighed.

Another squizzed on my hand.

"Look at me Liz.." she told me softly. I turned my head towards her.

"Don't be hard on yourself alright? if being like that, and admitting it to yourself, will make you happy and whole..so what? It doesn't change who you are and what you are."

I smiled at her.

"Thanks for understanding me Jess. For a while I was scared that you would turn your back on me."

"Nah. You should know me better than that. I would never turn my back on you. And for now the best advice that i could give you is to take things lightly aryt? Stop avoiding her. Just go on with the flow. Maybe something's in store for the both you..." she said and winked at me.

I hug her tight.

"Thanks Jess."

And then as I let her go, my eyes caught the sight of Allison. She's standing a few feet away from us, probably on the way to our table. Charlie was gone with the guys on the billiard hall. She's looking at us. Her eyes were hard. I can't read it. It's cold and throwing daggers at me.

"What now?"


"See you tomorrow Liz!" Jess waved me goodbye. It's past seven. I was standing infront of our office building waiting for a taxi when a car came to halt infront of me. The passenger window rolled down.

"Hop in." Allison told me. It sounds more of a command than an invitation.

"No thanks ma'am. I apprecia--"

"I said hop in. Or do you want me to drag you inside this car?" she cutted in.

"How dare you!"

I took a deep breathe and calmly get on the passenger side. She drove immediately after. A full 5 minutes passed when she finally spoke.

"So what now? I'm tired of our chasing game you know."

I quickly looked on her side.

"Chasing? I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Com'on honey. You've been avoiding me every chance you got. Acting as if I don't exist. And i'm like an idiot! I'm your boss and yet I can't get a hold on you!"

I laughed mockingly.

"give me a break! That's what you want right? It's you who's acting like nothing really happened! And it's just a silly kissed wasn't it? What's it to you anyway? I guess you've got plenty of those kind of kisses back in the states." I lashed at her. All the pain I've felt for the passed days resurfacing.

She's silent. I looked ouside the window. I bit on my lower lips. Regretting what came out of my mind.

"She deserves it! She has no right playing with anyone's feelings."

"That's not just a silly kiss... It means a lot to me." she said quietly.

I didn't move nor look at her. I sat still waiting for her next words.

"Back on the states. I've had a girlfriend of 3 years. Cassie's my life. Atleast back then that's what I thought. I gave her everything. My heart and devotion. My family knew i was gay, but they didn't resent me for that. Instead they supported me and just accepted me for who I am. Cassie became almost a part of our family. Then one day, while I was on the University, I received a call.. Cassie was rushed on the hospital. Car accident."

I'm holding my breathe. She's opening up.

"I rushed immediately to her side. When I came to the hospital I saw her.. she's still breathing. Fighting for her life the doctor told me. She opened her eyes when i hold her hands. I was crying like a silly young girl. She smiled st me and tried painfully to wiped away my tears."

I heard her sob. It tore into my heart but I just sat there motionless. She needed this moment so i just let her go on.

"She has several serious injuries. Internally some of her ribs are broken. She's bleeding inside. The doctors told me it was a miracle that she didn't died on impact. She's smiling at me. She touched my face and tried to speak. She told me how much she loves me. That what we have will always be something special for her. She apologized. Apologized that she won't be able to be there anymore. I cried so hard and told her to stopped. But she didn't. Then before she took her last breathe.. she told me to go on living. Move on and hang on to our dreams. She told me to love again. Then she closed her eyes. That was the last time i saw her beautiful eyes."

I didn't know but i'm crying unconsciously. I wiped it immediately. I don't know where we are when she stopped the car on the side of the road. She leaned her head on the steering wheel and cried. It breaks my heart. Here i was, so busy judging her. i've lost Zick, but i guess what i felt back then was nothing compaired to what Allison was feeling right now. I reached out with my hand and patted her back. consoling her. At least letting her know I'm there. she sat up at looked me straight in the eyes. It hurts to look at her tear stained face.

"I've been in the dark for so long. For the past 2 years I lived like a zombie. Alive yet deep inside dead. I went home here in the philippines, hoping that i could forget. I didn't. But then i saw you that day. i intentionaly bump on you, you know. You gave my life a new meaning. I don't know if it's love at first sight. I don't know if what i'm feeling right now is indeed love, but i wanna give it a chance. Please give me a chance..." she pleaded softly.

I smiled softly. Now i'm really crying...with great joy. I wiped away her tears and cupped her face.

"Then let's start anew. I'm Elizabeth Zamora, and you are?"

She laughed then kissed my palm before answering.

"Marie Allison Asuncion. Welcome to my life honey."


Still working on part 2...hope you enjoyed the story. Feedbacks are very much appreciated. For drastic remarks wag nyo ng ipost haha.. just reach me tru diz number 09238327040.. enx ulet!
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 12:41 pm

I can't wait for part 2 ... plsss... hurry.. heheh
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Mon 22 Jun 2009, 1:31 am

....love the story a lot, looking forward for the part 2,thanks for sharing this story :(giggle):
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Mon 29 Jun 2009, 6:19 am

nice story=) cheer!
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Mon 07 Sep 2009, 3:27 pm

nice story... keep it up! :)
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Fri 02 Oct 2009, 9:06 am

WOW good to know true love can still be found in :) hope you guys are going strong!
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 12:26 pm

Very NICe`!
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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Tue 02 Mar 2010, 4:39 pm

kewl! ^^,
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Agaw Eksena

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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   Mon 21 Jun 2010, 6:09 pm

matutuloy pb ung continuation????

with you, i can smile...

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PostSubject: Re: It's Her...   

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It's Her...
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