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 A Night To Remember

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PostSubject: A Night To Remember   A Night To Remember EmptySun 05 Jul 2009, 11:54 am

"Damn! Have you seen my fucking watch?!"

I sigh. I heard Cara cursing on our bedroom. I chuckled. She's always like this when she's pissed off. I grabbed the watch that was resting on top of the center table. It was my gift to her on our second anniversary. How time flies. It feels like yesterday when I met her.

"Shit I can't--" I quickly turned my head when she marched out of our room. "I was howling for almost half an hour and you have it!"

I laughed when I saw her irritation. I rosed from the couch and walked towards where she's standing.

"Com'on baby. It's late. Put this on alright? Let's not spoil this night..." I told her while pulling her against me.

Cara's got some temper but I always knew when to losen her up. She's always been a sweet person. If and whenever she's mad at me, it doesn't take long for her to forgive me.I felt her arms wrapped around my waist.

"I love you baby... This will be a very special night for both of us." I whispered to her ears softly.

She tightened her arms around me. It's not strong enough but there's force in it. As if she would never let go.

"This will be a very special night indeed. I want to spend every moment of it with you. I want toi engrave it in my memory and in my heart."

I was about to let her go when I caught a glimpsed of the packed suitcases and boxes lying on one corner of our room. I gasped.

"You're not leaving..." I whimpered softly.

"Shh.. It's alright. I know the time has come baby. Tomorrow I need to go..." she said. So sure and full of conviction.

She untangled herself from my hold and she looked at me straight in the eyes.

"let's enjoy this night shall we? This is our last date and probably our last night together. I want to make the best out of it."

I caressed her pale face. Her eyes were misty. Her smile as radiant as ever, though it lacks life like it used to. This past two years has taken its toll on her. But she's been brave and strong. Not once did she gave up or breakdown. It hurts a lot to stand there and look at her lovely face. It's tearing me apart to know that soon I will never be able to see it again.

I smiled. I have to make this night worth while.

"Ok then sugar. Are you ready to go now?" i winked at her. i took her left wrist and put her watch in place. She laughed softly and kissed me on the lips.

"I am ready baby."

We went out of the house. I escorted her to garage.

"What? No limousine?" she said jokingly.

I bowed before her and opened the passenger seat of my old Honda civic.

"Forgive me my lady, but an old wagon's all i got." I told her.

She laughed again. I love it when she laugh. It remineds me of so many happy memories we had together.

"Oh my love, an old wagon will suffice! As long as you're in it."


I took her to CCP. Cara loves theater a lot. When she was in college, she used to be a stage actress. She's a good one i should say. I've seen some of her plays that her Dad recorded as souvenirs. Maybe if fate would have been kinder, she would have become a very famous actress by now.

I bought VIP tickets for this night. We'll be sitting infront on the main theater so she could clearly see the actors. I wanted her to enjoy the show coz It's "Romeo and Juliet". I can't remember how many times we've watched this play. But it's her favorite and she never seems to get tired of watching it over and over again.

The lights were turned off and play started. I'm not paying attention to it though. My mind was preoccupied by the woman sitting right beside me. I groped her thin hand to mine. She looked at me and I saw her eyes sparkling with joy. I smiled back and urged her to continue watching the show. I don't want her to be distracted. I stared at her. her facial reaction's changing from time to time. She's even reciting the pieces that she'd memorized from countless viewing.

I love her so much. I wanted to memorized every inch of her face. Every single detail. I wanted to remember her. And for that moment alone I almost wanted to weep. It was the very first time in my entire life that I felt so scared. I wanted to freezed the time. Then before I even knew it, the play's over. Lights were turned on again and she looked at me. Happy. She's happy and that's all that matters to me that time.

"So where to?" she asked me.

I held her hand and kissed it. I helped her stood up.

"It's a surprised honey." I winked at her.


I would never forget the joy I saw on her face when we reached our next destination for the night. I took her to Victoria gardens. I rented the place for this special occasion. Flickering lights were all over the place. I made sure that roses were everywhere too. It's her favorite flower. When we reached our table, a young guy that I rented for the night started playing his violin. Soft music filtered through the air. A woman approched our table and filled our glasses with wine. All the time I was just staring her. She's skimming the area with pure delight. When her eyes finally rested on me I smiled at her.

"Well? How do you find it?"

She raised her glass of wine, compelling me to raised mine too.

"It's wonderful baby. Cheers to this moment...to us..." she said teary eyed.

I reached out for her hand and squeezed it.

"Anything for you honey... I'll do anything for you.." I told her.

She put down her glass and shook her head.

"You've done so much for me baby. This past two years have been the happiest years of my life. Because you're there. Because I've spent it with you. I know I made life difficult---"

"Stop it.." I cutted in. "Life is so much easier with you. So don't ever say that. If I have to go through it again just to prolong our life together I won't hesitate a bit."

A lone tear scaped her eyes. I wiped it away. She groped my hand to her cheeks.

"You've always been my angel. You guided me and made me make it through each passing day. Without you, I would have quitted a long time ago."

"You're the best gift that I received Cara. I will never let you go.."

She smiled again. We ate our dinner. We spend the whole time chatting and reminiscing about our times together. Our fights and the problems we've encountered along the way. I know I'll always cherished those moments. It was a good dinner. And like all good things, everything has and end.

I dreaded the moment on our way home. We rode in silence. Cara's looking out og the window. I can't see her face. She's so quiet. When we reached home, we entered the house in silence. We headed straight to our bedroom. I helped her undressed and lie on bed. I could see that she's tired. Her eyelids were growing heavy. I quickly shed off my clothes and joined her in bed. I wrapped her gently in my arms. I kissed her face. On her eyes, cheeks, nose and her lips.

It's a sweet kiss. No urgency in it. Just a soft passionate kiss. I let go of her lips for i know she have to catch her breathe. She looked at my face and smiled. The kind of smile that was full of peace and serenity.

"I love you, Grace... I'll always will..Thank you for this wonderful night..."

I held her tight. She rested her head on my torso.

"I love you too Cara. I will love you forever..."

As I heard her took her last breathe, tears started falling down on my cheeks. Lying on one corner of the room I saw her suitcases and packed things. She's gone.


It was the 26th of June. Rain's falling down outside the church. Everyone's gathered inside. Different faces, relatives and friends, giving their support. I heard Tita Mira from across the room. She's crying so hard. Her eldest daughter Mikaela assisting and comforting her. Mikaela looked up at rested her eyes on me. She nodded her head. It's about time. I stood up and walked infront of the altar. I stood for a while infront of the coffin that lies there. One last time I wanted to looked at her. Waiting... waiting for her to open those beautiful eyes that i adored and get up. I wanted her to tell me that it's all just a show. That she's just acting on it. One minute passed...then two, three...she never woked up. I leaned my head and kissed her on the lips one last time... then I whispered softly..

"Goodbye baby...I love you.."

I walked over to the podium were a microphone stand was positioned. I spoke.

"Today, we gathered here on this sacred place, to pay out last respect and goodbye to a beloved friend, daughter, sister and a lover. I met Cara on a grocery store. That was more than two years ago. A woman who's full of dreams. So beautiful and vibrant was she that I fell in love with her. It was never easy from the beginning. But thanks to the support of close friends and family, we made it through. She's always been my sun. The warmth that keeps me warm when i'm cold. The light that helps me see through the dark..and the life that fills my soul. We've been happy. We've gone through so many trials and we;ve won each battle. Until the greatest battle of our life came." Tears were falling on my cheeks and i started to choked.

"She was diagnosed with bone cancer two years ago. It was difficult for me to handle and I started asking, why her? There were so many criminals out there, people who kills innocent people, but why my Cara? I breakdown that first night. But Cara, being the strong and brave spirited woman that she was, she hold me in her arms and told me that we're going to get through it. And we did. She lasted for more than two years when the doctors said she'll only have six months to live.." her mom and sister were crying hard.

"She's been prepairing me all along. Motivating me and encouraging me to move on. I thought i would be prepared...Until that night when she packed her suitcases and arranged her things. Then she told me that she's going. I could almost feel the pain that coursed through my spirit. She's saying goodbye. Looking back..I realized that no matter how much she's prepared me for her leaving...I will never ever be prepered. And now..." I was struck numb for a second. For when I looked at the church doors, I swear I saw her standing there. Smiling at me. It's the same woman i fell in love with. Not the thin and lifeless one that left me. She waved at me. I smiled despite my tears.

"And now...I know she's happy. Forever She would always stay in my heart. My baby...wherever you maybe honey...I'll always love you.." with those last words..Cara's apparition slowly faded. The rain had stopped and the sun's rays lighted the sky. It would be a new day.
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PostSubject: Re: A Night To Remember   A Night To Remember EmptyTue 22 Dec 2009, 1:44 am


That annoying time between naps!
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PostSubject: Re: A Night To Remember   A Night To Remember EmptyWed 20 Jul 2011, 4:20 pm

this is really touching..gosh..di ko na namalayang umiiyak na pala ako...
the soft part of me touches this story..
thanx for this excellent kind of story..
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PostSubject: Re: A Night To Remember   A Night To Remember EmptySun 07 Aug 2011, 6:01 am

thank you :)
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A Night To Remember
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