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 it feels a little like that

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PostSubject: it feels a little like that   Sat 16 Oct 2010, 5:48 am

dear you,

iíd like you to know what it feels like to have my words stripped away:

its like iím standing in the middle of the street and youíve peeled off my skin and itís pouring rain and iím steaming but iím still not warm. itís like youíve cut my legs off at the knees and iím hobbled and lurching haphazardly after you but i canít catch you because you now have your limbs and mine. it feels a little like that.

and itís like having my soul put on display for everyone to see and having you step all over it. itís like youíre rubbing your toe down and cracking the spine of my dreams, bleeding me out because you thought itíd look pretty to nail me to the wall. itís like youíre laughing and stuffing my stray thoughts in your pockets like fall leaves, not caring for the bits that crack and flutter away. it feels a little like that.

and itís like iím braving the ocean and youíre drilling holes in the bottom of my boat. itís like iím swimming towards the light on the other shore and youíre tying my feet together and dragging me down. itís like youíve swallowed my heart and are claiming indigestion. itís like youíve tried my lungs on for size but still donít realize one size doesnít fit all. itís like you think taking a hammer to what i hold most dear is some sort of joke.

it feels a little like that and you know what? iím not laughing.


nobody breaks my heart
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it feels a little like that
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