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PostSubject: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Tue 30 Aug 2011, 8:53 am

All the characters in this story are fictional. Enjoy reading. :)


It’s the nth time that I roam around the school campus searching for her. It’s so silly. We don’t even know each other personally even if we’ve been on the same course and been classmates on some subjects for quite some time now. She doesn’t even know I exist. I bet she doesn’t even care. It’s just that, my day wasn’t complete if I don’t get to see her eyes, her sparkling, deep brown eyes. There is something in her eyes that draws my attention to it. There’s a lot of mystery into it. Was it sadness? I’m not really sure. Erica. That’s her name. She’s a bubbly and cheerful girl. Always on the go and quite familiar in her own ways. Aside from the fact that she’s always on the dean’s list, she’s a prominent student figure in our school.

I can’t help but sigh when I finally saw her walking with some of her friends. They just got out from the library. “Shit!” I swear to myself. “Why did I forget to check the library?”
I heard her laughter and it almost melts my heart. It’s like music to my soul. I was so busy focusing my attention to her that I didn’t notice they were walking straight to my direction. Or I should say they’re about to pass by my direction.

“Hey Jamie!” I heard Kim greeted me. She’s her best friend. They stopped just in front of me, Erica, Kim plus their two other friends Jessica and Lei. Call me an idiot but I really can’t help but lose my mind when she stood just in front of me. It felt so good staring at her closely.

“Ehem, are you ok?” I heard Kim asked me again, but this time with a tap on my shoulder. It broke the trance and I almost fainted with embarrassment.

“Err hi there…” I quietly said.

I saw her smiled at me. I could smell her perfume. It’s quite odd. It smells different. So unique. So like her.

“Where are you heading to?” Lei asked.

“I’m looking for Gates. I need to get my biology book from him for the exam tomorrow,” I answered back.

“Oh geez we just saw him left the library with his boyfriend…” Jessica said.

“Oh crap…” I swear again. Although I just use that as an alibi, I really need to get that book from the guy.

“Oh thanks---“I’m not even finished with my statement when Erica cut me off.

“Here is mine. You can borrow it,” she offered.

“But what about…”

“It’s ok, I’m exempted,” she smiled while handling me her book.

“T-thank you,” I muttered softly. I saw her smile again.

“So that settles it, let’s go!” Jessica declared.

“Bye Jamie,” they chorused.

“Bye…” I said silently. Just as they were about to go, I saw her looking at me. I smiled hesitantly. To my amazement, she smiled back “See you tomorrow Jamie”.


I spent the whole night practically looking at her book. Not reading it, but looking at it. Seeing her holding it. Touching it. Taking care of it. Paying attention to it.

“Lucky book,” I murmured to myself.


“Hey Jamie!!! I’m sorry I forgot to return your book girl!” Gates told me after class.

I beamed at him. “It’s ok! Actually you just gave me the biggest opportunity of my life yesterday!”

“Really??? Guess I’m missing something here…” he frowned.

I was laughing at his expression when someone taps my shoulder.

“Hey Jamie,” Erica greeted me.

I almost froze instantly that minute. Everything just stops except for my heartbeat. Slowly I turned towards her.

“Oh hi there E-erica,” I greeted her back and without realizing I absent mindedly handed her, her book.

She laughs.

“I’m not here to ask for the book,” she said while smiling.

I almost kick myself. I’m acting like an idiot!

“Guess Jamie here needs some fresh air,” Gates butt in with laughter in his voice.

“Shut up Gates!” I hissed at him which made him laugh harder. I turned red when I saw the laughter in Erica’s eyes.

“Am I missing something?” she asked softly.

“Awww nothing Erica! So what is it that I can do for you?” I answered quickly.

“Actually I’m gonna ask you if you can give me some ideas for the upcoming writing competition. Jessica told me you’re good in writing.”

I blushed.

“N-not really…”

“Aww geez she is Erica! I just don’t know why she’s not gonna join the writing competition this year!” Gates cut off.

I elbowed his side, giving him a warning signal to shut up. He rolled his eyes then shook his head.

“Erica, you can convince her to join too. She’ll never say no to charms,” he said and left immediately.

I swear under my breath. “I’m gonna kill you Gates, grrrrr!”

We were left alone together.

“As you were saying…”

“Why don’t you join the competition?” she asked.

“Because I don’t wanna compete with you baby…” I answered in my mind.

“Err I’m not motivated enough to join. So what are your plans?” I answered instead.

“Why don’t we discuss this over a cup of coffee?” she suggested.

“Aren’t you gonna go home with your girlfriends today?” I asked.

“Oh they know. I told them I’m gonna ask you out this afternoon,” she said with a wink.

“I’m gonna`ask you out…” it lingers in my mind.

“Well? Do you still have things to do here in school?”

“Aww no! I’m done for the day.” I answered with a smile. I’m floating with excitement.

“Good! So let’s go!” she said cheerfully. She grasps for my hand and we started walking.


“So what happened yesterday?” Gates asked me while we were on the library.

“Will you lower down your voice? We’re on the library!!” I hissed at him.

His eyes rolled. John, his boyfriend laughs.

They’ve been together for over a year now. I actually considered them as my two best friends here in school.

“He’s been dying to know what you and Erica did yesterday,” John said.

I smiled then just bowed my head. Yesterday was one of the greatest moments of my life.

“Oh geeez!” I heard Gates muttered.

“Com’on girl. Tell us what happened.”

“Oh well…” I was about to start when someone just sat beside me. I don’t have to turn my head to know who it was. The smell of her perfume’s enough.

“Hi guys! Can I join you here?” Erica asked.

She linked her arms with mine and lean her head on my shoulder.

I saw the meaningful look that John and Gates gave each other. I glared at them.

Gates smiled sweetly on me. “Sure honey. Where are your girlfriends?”

“Their quite busy with their boyfriends these days with Valentines fever just a month away. I can’t tag along while they’re playing mushy with each other.”

“Awwww… So you don’t have any boyfriends yet?” John asked.

Erica laughed.

“Yep. Very much single. I’m waiting for someone for quite some time now.”

I quietly listened to her every word, her last statement tagging at my heart. “She’s already waiting for someone..” I told myself.

I turned my head slightly away to hide the pain that suddenly crossed my face.

“Hey, you’re so quiet Jamie,” Erica observed while slightly squeezing my arm.

“No no. I’m just listening Erica. I’m ok,” I answered then I smiled at her.

She frowned. I don’t know but it seems like she sees something in my face. “Am I to transparent?” I asked myself.

“Are you sure?” she pushed.

I saw Gates and John looking at me too. Saw the worried look on their faces. I smiled sweetly.

“I’m fine. So tell us about that person you’re waiting for…” I said to avert their attention.

She laughed.

“You wanna know huh?” she said teasingly.

I blushed.

“If you’re not comf---“

“Well I guess I should be blunt about this. I’ve been eyeing her for quite some time now…”

“HER?!” Gates, John and I chorused together.

She laughs so hard when she saw our expressions.

“Yeah, It’s a HER…”

“You’re in love with a g-girl?” Gates stammered.

“Why? I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. Right?” she asked.

“Oh sheesh! I never though you’re gay!” John exclaimed.

“Well I didn’t know that too, until I saw her.” She said softly. I felt her squeeze my arm and she smiled at me. There’s something in her smile that I can’t quite fathom out what.

“So…?” Gates urged her to continue.

“Who’s HER then?” John persuaded.

She laughed again.

“That’s a big secret! I need to tell her first, before I tell the whole world! What do you think Jamie?”

I smiled and just nodded my head. I’m too overwhelmed to say anything. Half of me was rejoicing from the fact that Erica’s gay too. The other half’s full of misery. She’s in love with someone else. An unanswerable question pops in my head.

“Who’s that girl?”

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Malakas Loob

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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Tue 30 Aug 2011, 7:47 pm

ayyy, bitin...hehehe
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Forum  A d m i n

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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Tue 30 Aug 2011, 8:05 pm


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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Wed 31 Aug 2011, 5:21 am

next week yung chapter 2 hahaha.... Nihaya ako kay Laidback eh hahaha :D
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Lesbit Fan

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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Wed 31 Aug 2011, 6:06 am

@Jyb: anebeh!!!!! bitin na bitin!!! =)
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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Thu 01 Sep 2011, 9:45 am

bitin! san na next chapter? :D
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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Thu 01 Sep 2011, 10:50 am

@DS... next week kras haha...

@Kayte... next week.. para di naman kau maumay lol
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Lesbit Fan

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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Sun 11 Sep 2011, 2:04 am

@jyb: kras! san na chapter 2???
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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   Thu 24 May 2012, 6:53 pm

OMG. Kinilig akoooOoOOOoOoOoOOO... <3 <3 KILIG KILIG KILIGGGG.. :) Naisip ko si crush. haha. :)) mei crush kasi ako sa school eee. =)
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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chaper 1)   

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