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PostSubject: HORIZON   Fri 09 Sep 2011, 4:46 pm

Its always been a wonderful day when Im with you

I smiled at her. I grasped her waist and held her closed to me.

Have I told you how much I loved you?

I looked into her eyes and smiled. I cant let her see how hard it is for me.

You did. In all ways possible

We watched the sun kissed the horizon from that spot. Sitting there on that beach with her reminded me of all the good and bad days we spend together for the last 22 years. The memories just flowed freely. Like watching an old film before my very eyes.

Im such a lucky woman to meet and have such a beautiful and loving wife.

She leaned her head on my shoulder. If I could only hold her more tightly I would. I just want to stop that moment and let it last forever. I dont want her to go.

At the end of the day, I want you to remember how much youve changed my life. How you made me realized the beauty of so many things. I want you to see our life together as a significant memory. Something that wont be erased and tarnished by time. Something that would always last a lifetime.

I felt tears slowly fall from my eyes.

I want you to remember how we held each others hand during those trying moments. Remember the tears, remember the pains that we have to go through together. I will take them all with me. Im not gonna throw them away, for they will always remind me of how it made us stronger through the years.

The birds are chirping. Playing music that shattered my soul. The waves are rolling gently on the soft sand. Calm yet disturbing.

Im not gonna leave you. Im gonna stay by your side always. Im gonna be the wind that will play with your hair every spring. The raindrops that will touch your face when theres storm. The warmth that will envelop you every winter. The sun that will kiss your skin every summer. Ill be everywhere. Im gonna hold you every night in your dreams.

More tears are flowing. Why must it end this way? How can something so perfect break apart into million pieces?

Can you hear our music playing baby? she asked.

I can feel life is slowly living her once supple body. I shifted my weight and let her lean more comfortably on me.

I want to ask why? I want to know why it has to end so soon. Is 22 years enough? Is that all weve got? I still want to roam the other parts of the world with you. I want to watch so many movies with you in our living room. I want to play the guitar and sing so many songs for you. I still want to cuddle close to you in our bed every night. I want to kiss you every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep. I want to spend another 22 years of my life with you or another 50 years.

Her voice is slowly fading. Like the last melody of the music she used to play with her guitar. So soft and melancholic.

Then just as soon as I asked those questions, I realized why should I question my life? If 22 years is all weve got, I should be thankful for that. 22 years and I was able to spend it with my bestfriend, lover, cohort, and my soulmate. Im still lucky after all.

My breath almost stopped when she paused. My heart could almost feel the dying beat of her heart.

Baby can you tell me you love me? I want to hear it one last time before I close my eyes. Im tired. I think I need to rest for 5 minutes.

The tears are unstoppable now. I hugged her so tight and kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and lips. I felt her smile. She held my face on her cold hand and wiped away my tears.
I catch my breath before I speak.

I l-love you baby. I always did. Ill always will. I loved you the first time I saw you 22 years ago, and I still love you the same way now, and I will love you still tomorrow and on the days, months and years to come.

My voice is choking. Then she smiled. She rested her head on my chest. She closed her eyes.

I love you too baby. Stop crying. You know you dont look good when youre crying, she said with a faint laugh. Wake me after 5 minutes then were going home.

Ok. Sleep now Andy.

I love you Demi she said one last time.

Seconds turn to minutes. One, two, three, four, five five turn to 10 then to 15. I waited for her to open her eyes. I waited for her to speak up and tell me that we have to go home. I wanted her to ask me one last time what we will be having for dinner. But time seems to drag on. The sun faded into the horizon. Night settled in. I know shes already home. I kissed her forehead.

I love you Andy Goodbye baby.

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PostSubject: Re: HORIZON   Fri 09 Sep 2011, 6:50 pm

As expected, wonderfully written. :') Brava.
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PostSubject: Re: HORIZON   Sat 10 Sep 2011, 4:34 pm

Thanks Din :)
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PostSubject: Re: HORIZON   Sun 11 Sep 2011, 1:35 am

whoah!!!!! beautifully written--- i-kras-your-stories tlaga...

congratulations @jyb

more! more! more!
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PostSubject: Re: HORIZON   Mon 12 Sep 2011, 9:11 pm

DsCreet wrote:
whoah!!!!! beautifully written--- i-kras-your-stories tlaga...

congratulations @jyb

more! more! more!

thanks DS!!! haha ... :)
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PostSubject: Re: HORIZON   

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