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Current Location : Makati
Sexual Identity : None
Preference : femmes/friendship

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Current Status: Attached
I am feeling..: Happy

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PostSubject: Love   Love EmptyMon 24 Oct 2011, 3:54 am


Fall in love with someone who will love you with no buts and ifs
without any reservations or doubts,
Fall in love with someone who will hold your hand,
during happy moments, and sad moments as well
when you least expect it and when you most expect of it

Fall in love with someone who treats you as the only person in the world,
who makes you her world, and makes you feel her eyes are only for you
Fall in love with someone who treats every single day as if it's the day you first met
who makes every day far too valuable to be forgotten

Love someone with all your heart
Never let any thing hurt her; never make her cry
If she shall, make sure they are tears of joy
Because your love is full

Love someone with a gentle heart,
Always try to understand her side
Never raise your voice, if you should
May it be a proclamation of your love

Love someone like you never loved anyone like before,
be vulnerable and be weak,
Trust her to love you back,
Trust her with all of your heart

Love is beautiful. Savor it. Claim it.

You fall in love with the person; it just so happens she is a girl. -R

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Current Location : LesboLand
Sexual Identity : Pillow queen
Preference : Femmes

My Status
Current Status: It's complicated
I am feeling..: Blue

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PostSubject: Re: Love   Love EmptyMon 24 Oct 2011, 4:04 am

Sarap mo magmahal R ;-)

R is my life.
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Lesbit Fan

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Current Location : floating
Preference : Friends

My Status
Current Status: Single
I am feeling..: High!

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PostSubject: Re: Love   Love EmptyMon 24 Oct 2011, 10:48 am


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