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Forum: Life in the Philippines as a lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

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tears are falling and i cant stop them. it seems im going to have long sleepless nights and troublesome days. i know i have made some stupid steps in order to make you smile. not knowing what it will be bringing me. but when i getto know the consequences, i found that its you that will be taken from me. i tried to right my wrong so desperately. but sadly, you had to gave up. my heart is broken and i know its damaged bad. i fell inlove and fell hard. for once in my life i learned to arrange things.i learned to organize. and its thanks to you. i guess i was just over protective of you because of how much i love you. its going to be a hard task to move on from you. you dont know how much i love you. how much my heart and soul needs you. tears are falling again. and i wont stop them. because no matter how hard i try, when i think of your smile, i cant seem to accept the fact that your no longer mine.

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