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PostSubject: Forsaken   Forsaken EmptyFri 06 Sep 2013, 7:59 am

your body i adore it
i fantasized with it
your scent has imprint in my soul
i have a piece of heaven as you caress me
when your lips are locked into mine
i had a taste of perfection
your tongue
it is the sweetest.
ive kissed every corner of your face and its more than any jewels
your chest
complete  me for being  who really i am
iam trembling your shivering
it was intense
now, every part of our body is sensitive
senses heighten
we are doing everything out of LOVE.
our hands lingers
we explore our treasures.
your body moves
my body moves
no words just sensation
stare at you not to stop the 'ecstasy
to feel you  to touch you to taste your flesh next to mine
for a moment
we are one.
this moment swept us away from sanity
gasping for air
we share one breath
no one touched me the way you did
and i have gotten this far
to nurture you inside
you let me in
to feel your very core
heaven and earth collide
with your arms around me
im on top of the world
you make me your MAN.

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