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 These Four Corners (story by Lj)

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PostSubject: Re: These Four Corners (story by Lj)   Thu 10 Apr 2014, 7:34 am

Chapter 28

Father Federico kept everyone at the edge of their seats in suspense. Tumingin ito sa mga bisita at pilyong ngumiti. Then he gazed at the handsome couple who seemed as bitin as the others. He smiled again as if savoring his Kodak moment. Sige na nga.

“Clarita Santiago… Miguel Saavedra… I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may seal this matrimony with a kiss.”

Sa wakas! Claire was relieved.

Dumagundong ang masigabong palakpakan! Patricia joined the crowd as they celebrate the union of her beloved Claire and her hubby Miggy. Masayang-masaya siya para rito because she found a man na hindi lang may sinasabi sa buhay, gwapo na ay mabait pa. She just met him few hours earlier and he’s already gained her respect. She knew Claire in his good hands. And their child too na tatlong buwan na ang inilalagi sa kanyang sinapupunan.

The witnesses were still rowdy nang biglang tumugtog ang piano. Then the wedding singer who was wearing a white tuxedo started to serenade the couple. Claire and Miggy, in between smooching, managed to smile at her.

After all that’s said and done
We are here standing on the line
Toe to toe, face to face
The dream is all over now

Patricia looked up to see who the singer was. Hindi niya ito maaninag dahil bahagyang nakatagilid ito mula sa kanyang direksyon. Hindi siya mapakali sa kinauupuan. Something’s telling her to look closer, shut all the noise and listen carefully.

Because I am here with you now
Taking this chance of a lifetime with you
Looking at all the possibilities
Life would bring
Life could offer
And I will hold your hand
Never let go
I’m here with you now

The noise tapered off a notch at nawili ang lahat sa pakikinig sa misteryosang mangaawit. And Pat was one of those who were mesmerized by her voice. She’s heard it before. May suhestiyon ang puso niya but her mind commanded her not to make any judgement hanggat hindi nito nakikita ang kumakanta. I need to see where that voice is coming from. Pagkatapos, she squeezed her way out of the crowd para hanapin ang hagdan paakyat sa ikalawang palapag ng simbahan kung saan naroroon ang pinagmumulan ng mahiwagang tunog.

This journey has begun
The moment you said my name
When I saw your eyes
I knew my life would never be the same

Finally, she reached the spot where the singer was. She was stunned. It was Sandra. Umikot ang paligid at gusto niyang himatayin. Nang makitang matigas na semento ang babagsakan, she collected herself and stood right where she was. Hindi niya inaalis ang tingin dito. She noticed the white tuxedo that clothed her. Bagay na bagay ito sa kanya. She never thought that a guy’s wardrobe could look sexy on a girl. But she was Sandra. And she has the power in the world to shatter her system of belief, to shatter all rules per se.

Sandra didn’t take her eyes off of her, too. Obviously, they were filled with longing. And when she saw her slightly parted lips, she wanted to throw the mic and attack her with a hungry kiss. Pinigilan niya ang sarili sa bagay na ‘yon.

I’ve gone to places, love
But there is nothing like your arms
I am home right where you are
And my heart is yours forevermore

Then she finished the song. The newlyweds marched outside the church at and the rest followed. They showered them with rice and rose petals. Patricia saw Claire as she looked down where they were. Isang kaway ang ibinigay nito bago tuluyang makalabas ng simbahan. In a snap, wala na ang ingay and all they have was each other.

“You didn’t return my calls, Pat.” Sandra said. Her face was dim. “I tried to reach you every single day but you deserted me.”

Pat gave out a sigh. “And I hated myself for that every day. I didn’t have the courage to talk to you or read your letters. Natakot ako na kung mabasa ‘yun ay umuwi agad ako ng Pilipinas. Then our break-up would defeat its purpose.”

“I almost died alam mo ba yun?”

“That’s unfair. I cleared everything to you before I left for Qatar.”

“I guess I’m that fool for you.” sarkastikong sambit nito. And still a fool after all these years. God, you look more beautiful today than you were four years ago.

“I came back, Sandra. After three long years I came back hoping that you’d keep your promise but to my dismay, I didn’t see you. You were no longer there.” Her voice was shaking.

“And you really expect the world to wait for you, Pat? Ganyan ka ba kasigurado sa sarili mo?” she frowned a little.

“No! Umasa lang ako sa pangako mo. I believed you. Gullible ako, hindi ba? You should’ve seen how devastated I was when I learned that you left for the states and was getting married.” She choked on that one. “I almost died right there, too. So, quits na tayo!”

Sandra shook her head. Incredible. “I was about to wear his ring pero naalala kita kaya kumaripas ako ng takbo palabas ng sala ng huwes! Hindi mo alam how painful it is to fall down from the stairs na una ang balakang! But I did because I tripped dahil sa pagmamadali! All because of your nagging memory! Hindi kita maalis sa isip ko!” panunumbat nito.

“And you have no idea how to sleep everynight with a hollowblock beside you. Ang tigas kaya nun? At kailangan ko pa talagang bitbitin ‘yun mula Pilipinas papuntang Qatar. On top of that, I wasn’t able to bring enough undies on my baggage because of that silly hollowblock pero ginawa ko yun dahil—“

“What? Magsalita ka!”

Pat’s voice mellowed. There was really no use to shout. “I wanted to bring a piece of you with me. And that rubbish paperweight of yours reminded me of you, kung gaano katigas ang ulo mo! You’re one stubborn young lady at talagang bagay na bagay ka sa akin because my heart is stubborn, too.”

“Nagsusumbatan ba tayo?” Unfortunately, hindi niya nakuha ang gustong sabihin ng dalaga. If she was attentive enough, nalaman niyang mahal pa rin siya ng dating guro.

“Ikaw ang nag-umpisa, bingi, dense!”

“Tapusin na natin ‘to!”

Sandra put the mic away and grabbed Patricia’s hands. Napakahigpit ng pagkahawak nito sa pulsuhan niya and she almost cried in pain. Hinila siya nito pababa mula sa second floor at saka kinaladkad patungo sa altar ng simbahan. Ang mga taong naroroon na empleyado ng wedding planner ay sinenyasan niya munang umalis. Tumalima naman ang mga ito. By then, the whole place was deserted. Pati ang pari at sakristan ay nasa kumbento na. Tanging huni lamang ng mga ibon ang maririnig.

“Anong ginagawa mo? Anong gagwin natin rito?”

“Gumalang ka nasa harapan tayo ni Bro.” binitawan siya nito. Sandra stepped a little closer and knelt in front of Lord’s image. Nahaharangan sila ng malaking mesa na may mahabang sapin. “Tone down a little, Patricia. Now profess!”

“What? At anong ipo-profess ko?”

“Love! Pag-ibig! Katatapos mo lang marinig magpalitan ang pinsan ko at ni Claire ng marriage vows kaya alam mo dapat kung paano ginagawa ‘yon.”


“Saka ko na ipapaliwanag ang family tree namin. I want you to profess! That, o iiwan kita rito! Then I will leave first thing in the morning at sa postcards mo na lang ako makikita!” she said in a quiet yet unyielding voice.

“That’s emotional blackmail!” she barked back.

“Do it!”

“Okay!” She docked her head and gathered her thoughts, imagining a shotgun pointed towards her temple. “I, Patricia de Rios, do solemnly swear that I would never, ever leave Sandra again.”

“Good start! Parang kontrata lang?” she teased.

“Won’t you let me finish?”

“Sorry! I couldn’t help it.”

Pat continued. “I vow that I will stay where she stays. Not even a storm as strong as Pepeng could ever blow me away from her. I will be patient when she is stubborn. I will try to get used to her snoring at night.”

“I don’t snore!”

“How would you know, tulog ka? Don’t worry, you’re secrets’ safe with me. Gandang babae ang lakas humilik?” she joked.

“That’s not true!”

Pat was unmoved. “Lord, forgive her mistakes. If you don’t, then punish me, too.” Biglang sumeryoso ang mukha nito. “I’ve spent four years alone in my room as she unknowingly filled my thoughts. Now that she’s here with me, I promise to let nothing or no one, even the universe to prevent me from loving her because that is the only thing that makes me… me.”

Sandra’s face reddened. She knew she couldn’t top what Pat has just said. She looked at her and saw that her eyes were still closed. She’s really praying? She shoved her lightly to signal that it was her turn to say make vows.

My turn. “Patricia, today I kneel before God and before the Angels, to offer myself to you. I have beauty…” itinaas niya ang kaliwang kilay.

Kelangan magbuhat ng bangko? Pat wondered if there was ever a time she abstained from being a show-off. Wala siyang maisip na petsa. Petsa talaga?

Sandra continued, “… power and fortune enough to keep me comfortable with my life. But in the years that we were apart I realized that the only thing I needed is you.” She winked. Nice one! “Today, I vow to protect you; to make you laugh, to make you shed tears of joy and to make you the only thing that matters in this world. I will sing to you until we are pale, semi-blind and forgetful. We’ll buy adult diapers together and remind each other where we put them. I’ll clean your dentures. Basically, grow smelly old with you.”

“That wasn’t very romantic.” She joked although the thought of growing old together was sold to her. Yeah, I like that, babe.”

“I tried my best but I realized I’m not that cheesy. But—“


“If you're hearing my heart, Pat, I want you to know that I love you very much. I've been around. I've been in heaven and clawed back from hell. I went to the moon. I sank in the ocean. My life is a constant free fall. But I'm here and I'm standing naked now telling you that I love you. And no one, nothing in this world is more important than you. I asked HIM why I have a heart. He said he gave me one so it could beat for you.”

“That’s beautiful, babe.” Then she wrinkled her nose. Pat was the happiest person in the entire world.

“Really? I had my lawyer compose that. Joke!”

“Haha, ikaw talaga. Can we leave now? Hinihintay na tayo sa reception.”

“Not yet! We have to kiss each other to seal our vows!”

“Here? No way! They might see us.” then they began to argue again.

“A kiss takes away all bad omen! Don’t you know that?”

“Sino nagsabi?”

“Ako lang, pauso ko!”

Patricia thought it was goofy, lame and utterly stupid. But for a girl her stature to resort to goofiness just to kiss her, well maybe, she deserves a kiss. The sweetest one. “Are we trying to wed each other right here?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then a kiss is really that necessary!” finally she was kind enough to herself to give in.

Birds were chirping and the migthy rays of light passed through the colored glass window as two lovebirds that were once separated by time and space kissed each other. It was a simple kiss, a slight touching of the lips but if was enough to end all their heartaches and pain. Surely, they’ve been to places only to find themselves at the four corners of the minster, looking at the great scheme of things, swearing to God to live happily ever after.

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PostSubject: Re: These Four Corners (story by Lj)   Fri 11 Apr 2014, 1:30 am

Thanks for the thread views. Thanks LB.

We don't have to agree. bleh 
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PostSubject: Re: These Four Corners (story by Lj)   Fri 11 Apr 2014, 2:52 pm

Thank you, Lj. I enjoyed your story. :)

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Post Count : 108
Current Location : South
Sexual Identity : Genderbender
Preference : Femme

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Current Status: Done being nice.
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PostSubject: Re: These Four Corners (story by Lj)   Mon 14 Apr 2014, 2:49 am

You're welcome, Anne. =)

We don't have to agree. bleh 
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PostSubject: Re: These Four Corners (story by Lj)   

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These Four Corners (story by Lj)
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