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 Tears I Cried

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Tears I Cried Empty
PostSubject: Tears I Cried   Tears I Cried EmptyThu 27 Feb 2014, 12:20 pm

Tears I Cried

You nonchalantly called my name
I froze, almost instantly, when your voice reached my ears
My chest tightened as you placed your hand in mine
Your touch sent a thousand volts of electricity through my capillaries

You started to give me that awkward feeling
I was already dying inside and out
My tears flowed freely from both eyes
Your expression was unfazed, it was certain

You uttered the words that I've been preparing to hear
I cannot hold on anymore
My entirety slowly degenerated from the implosion
Your simple act crushed what was left of me

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Tears I Cried
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