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 lame schoolgirl crush...

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PostSubject: lame schoolgirl crush...   Tue 15 Apr 2014, 2:26 pm

So it looks like someone already asked a similar question but it was way too much for google translate lol, so I will just ask it here.

Well I guess I will have to explain something about myself first. See I am a girl that basically has a new crush like every other day. And usually I am ok with that because I never really act on it anyways. I just enjoy a little flirting and then move on. I was really good at that too, moving on. I could just enjoy having my little crush then just get over it and on to the next one.

Sooooooooooo.......... now I don't know what to do when I can not seem to just move on. I suppose the person I am referring to will know if she read this but oh well. It just sucks that the one time I have feelings for someone (other than my ex) that seem like more than a schoolgirl crush, she has to be completely unattainable.

I mean, some of you have seen my ex and you know she is gorgeous, and I have like three other close friends that are all beautiful and sweet and love me like crazy, and would probably say yes in a heartbeat if I asked them out (sorry if that sounds conceited but it's true) but I feel nothing for them other than friendship.

So I guess my question is, any advice on how to just move on? I have no experience in feelings like this so I do not know how to make them go away.
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Forum  A d m i n
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PostSubject: Re: lame schoolgirl crush...   Mon 21 Apr 2014, 6:57 am

Moving on is not really a concrete step by step process. People move on very differently from each other.

Ultimately however, the goal of moving on is the same as accepting that it really isn't going to happen and that being their friend is the best relationship that you could have. It's better in most ways as you two can't break up.

Good luck with that Chi-chan!

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PostSubject: Re: lame schoolgirl crush...   Mon 06 Oct 2014, 11:42 am

How are you now chiyo?

Other peoples opinions of you does not have to become your reality.
-Les Brown
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PostSubject: Re: lame schoolgirl crush...   

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lame schoolgirl crush...
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