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 my girlfriends' past

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PostSubject: my girlfriends' past   Tue 18 Nov 2014, 9:24 am

hi guys, this is the second topic that i would like to share or rather a problem.. i had this girlfriend for almost 6 months.. we were office mates then and sort of became friends.. i knew about her past relationships that she is somehow was about to get married but then didn't work out.. actually two engagements.. she just had 3 boyfriends before me and those 2 men were she lived in.. all of it was nothing beforehand.. but now, it seems to be an issue for me.. i hate the guy who did that to her.. that guy who made her miserable and led her to do suicide.. i don't want to make it a big deal but it seems like an issue to me..

or maybe because i haven't experienced that thing..
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PostSubject: Re: my girlfriends' past   Tue 25 Nov 2014, 4:44 am

Tell your thoughts to the Marine.  Maybe they will prosecute them by firing squad!!!

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PostSubject: Re: my girlfriends' past   Mon 01 Dec 2014, 5:22 am

You're with her, past included. She survived -- that's all that matters.

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PostSubject: Re: my girlfriends' past   

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my girlfriends' past
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