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PostSubject: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chapter 3)   SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chapter 3) EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015, 10:17 am

Please read Chapters 1 and 2 first. Enjoy. This is more like a filler so the chapter is quite short.


My head is throbbing. Nothing seems to get inside my brain. We are now halfway through the day and is on our 4th class. The bell rang. A signal that the 4th period subject is done.

"I'll see you all on thursday class", I heard Mr. Joson said.

The ringing bell worsen the throbbing and I can't help but lay my head on the armchair of my seat. I sigh in relief when the ringing stops. I felt a hand touched my shoulder followed by Gates' voice.

"Jamie are you ok? You've been like this for two days now. Com'on I'll treat you to lunch".

"I'm ok Gates. Go on and wait for me outside." I said without raising my head.


"Just a moment Gates... please?" I finally raised my eyes to him and smiled weakly.

He sigh in frustration the turned his back. John gave me a reassuring look.

"Take your time. We'll be outside", he said with pure understanding in his voice.

I rested my head again on the seat's armchair. I've never felt so weak. I want to throw up. My head hurts like hell and I want to sleep... forever. It's been a week since Macey appeared in our lives. In Erica's life. Now I am so out of place. The budding friendship with her suddenly seems so bleak. We hadn't been together since then. The sadness. The hurt. I just can't cope with this feelings. I know it's stupid to feel like this. But I am. I am so jealous with Macey. It's eating me alive and my life with it. I gathered all my remaining strength, and stood up.

"All set?" I tried my best and delivered my most beautiful smile to Gates and John. I don't want to worry them anymore. I was about to take a step towards them when my sight blurred. I shook my head and tried to steady myself.

Gates sensed something's wrong and approached me. His arms snaked around my waist.

"Are you ok??" He asked worriedly. John took out his hanky and wiped the sweat forming on my forehead.

"God Jamie! You're burning hot", he hissed.

Gates put his hand on my forehead.

"Com'on! Let's get you home..." we are about to walk through the crowded hallway when I saw Erica walked out of the classroom a few blocks away from us. Then followed Jessica, Lei and... Macey. They are engaged in a friendly banter. Macey's talking about something that made the girls laugh. I stopped and steadied myself.

"Jamie what are you doing..." Gates asked. I took his arm out of my waist.

"Let them pass Gates. We don't want Erica to see me like this. Right?" I smiled.

Finally. They saw us. Macey greeted us first.

"Hi guys! You going out for lunch?" She asked. I saw her frown when her eyes rested on me.

"Hi there. Yes..." John answered.

"Hello Macey. Hi girls", I greeted them.

I didn't look at Erica but just focused my attention to Macey. I just can't set my eyes on her and see how happy she's been. All because of this girl in front of me.

"Great! Let's all go together then!" Jessica suggested cheerfully.

I sucked on my breath. I felt John and Gates tensed beside me.

"Aww that seems to be a good idea but we need to beg off." Gates answered carefully.

"Are you ok Jamie?" That made me turned my head to Erica's direction. I smiled. It just didn't reach my eyes.

"I am Erica. We just need to meet John's mom for lunch. We really wanted to come along but maybe next time." I answered breathlessly. I could feel a sudden surge of blood on my face. My head is throbbing. I feel like drowning in all the noise.

"You're flushed..." I heard Macey. She touched my arm. "Sheesh you're hot."

I moved my arm away. "I am Ok Macey. The weather's a little warm today." I stepped back into Gates' side. I heard Erica speak. There's coldness in her voice. It pierced through me.

"Let's go. Next time then. Come, Macey. I'm hungry..." i saw her turn her back.

"See you around guys" Lei said.

As they walked by, I clutched on Gates' arm. John held my waist as I leaned helplessly to Gates.

"I'm gonna pass out..." I whispered hoarsely. Everything just turned black.

"Jamieee..." I heard John shouted. That's the last thing I know. My consciousness slipped away before I even see Erica running back to my side. Pure panic on her face.

"She'll be fine ma'am. She just needs some rest. She has a slight fever. She's dehydrated. We will be confining her for the next 24 hours so we could observe her and until her temperature lowers down. If everything went well, we will be discharging her."

"Thank you so much Doc. Do whatever you need to do..."

I silently cursed in my head. Mom's here!

"Can we stay for a while Doc?" My heart skipped a bit when I heard Erica's voice.

"Yes hija. Just don't stay too long. Patient needs to rest."

I slowly opened my eyes. Everything is spinning. I tried to steady my gaze.

"She's awake!" Gates exclaimed. All eyes turned to me. Mama, Mace and Erica. Mama rushed to my side.

"Jamie... what have you been doing to yourself" she sobbed. She hugged me tightly.

"Ma.. I'm sorry to worry you." I whispered.

"You're not taking care of yourself!" She scolded me.


"We will talk about this once you get out of here. No buts!"

I heard Gates laugh. I looked at him with glaring eyes.

"What?" He mouthed silently. I rolled my eyes.

"I'll go ask the Doctor if you can eat anything" mom finally said.

"Great. I'll come with you tita" Macey chimed in. She winked at me then ushered Mama out of the room.

"I'll go check with John outside." Gates said and quickly went out of the room.

Now it's only me and Erica. She's staring at me.

"Hi..." I manage to say. She didn't say a word and just looked at me for a few more seconds.

"What is wrong with you?" She finally said. I can sense anger in her voice.


"You don't seem to care about the people around you" she hissed. I looked at her incredolously.

"Why are you avoiding me?" She asked when I didn't answer.

"I don't know what you're talking about" I answered in a low voice.

"Don't give me that bullsh*t! You know darn well what I am talking about!"

I never seen her like this. Not until now.

"Answer me..." she asked. Contempt in her voice. She's really pissed.


Chapter 4 to follow.... ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chapter 3)   SANDALWOOD AND BUBBLEGUM (Chapter 3) EmptyFri 24 Jul 2015, 4:16 pm


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